About Us

What is Microfundit

Microfundit is a humanitarian crowdfunding platform fighting hunger in East Africa. We are a unique blend of social giving, cause-marketing and charity. We bring regular people, corporate brands and influencers together to take collective action against hunger

How the app works

The app works by bringing corporate brands to match small donations (typically $1-$20) made by donors every time while rewarding top donors with unique experiences from their favorite influencers

What we do

We partner with certified charities and impactful community-based organizations with extensive experience managing complex humanitarian operations, logistics and programmes to which our app users donate to. We link donors with verified charities and projects fighting hunger across East Africa

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect millions of people with great causes every day and inspire them to take action through a simple tap on their smartphone

Our Vision

We are founded on the belief that a future of zero hunger starts with small meaningful actions today