Microfundit is a gamified and reward-based charitable fundraising app supporting communities in crises across East Africa. We partner with certified charities with extensive experience managing complex humanitarian operations, logistics and programmes to give you the peace of mind when you give to their causes. Our corporate partners help make your gift even more impactful and extend a show of appreciation to leading donors.
Download the MICROFUNDIT app in the Google Play Store. Browse the crisp, fluid news feed and spot a cause you like. Pick your gift and proceed to check out. Unlock badges as you use the app and get rewarded with exclusive prizes from your favorite brands and influential personalities as an appreciation. You can choose to create or join a team and compete with other teams with equally exciting rewards for the top team.
Appeals or fundraising campaigns on MICROFUNDIT are created in concert with our partner charities. Appeals are typically meant to marshal support for vulnerable populations fleeing conflict, persecution or famine and is aimed at saving lives, restoring dignity, self-reliance and a smile!
MICROFUNDIT is similar to M-Changa and other crowd funding sites in the fact that we fundraise for charitable causes. However, microfundit fundraises for verified humanitarian organizations only and does not host personal fundraising campaigns.
Download and interact with the app to unlock badges. There are 8 different badges to be unlocked. The top badge - HERO – allows you to enter a draw for a chance to win super cool prizes such as one-on-one dining with your favorite personalities, tickets to festivals, concerts, movies, behind the scenes, weekend getaways, co-branded merchandise, must-have memorabilia and MUCH MORE! As a team, make donations to your chosen causes and top other teams. The top team is chosen based on which team has donated the most to that cause. Best of luck!
100% of your donation goes to your chosen charity or cause. MICROFUNDIT retains a standard fee from the matching donation to cover our operating and transaction costs.
You want to use your fame to do good? MICROFUNDIT works with influential personalities from diverse industries from music and comedy to radio and tv. If you are in any of these industries and have a following of 50K+ on social media, you are eligible to apply to be an "Influencer4Good". If you would like to partner with MICROFUNDIT, send an email to partnerships@microfundit.com. We will subject the application to a standard process of verification and communicate accordingly.
So, you are in! As an "Influencer4Good" you have the chance to give back by amplifying the impact of social giving in the app. Top teams and “HEROS” are eligible for a host of one-of-a-kind wins provided by an influencer like you as an appreciation and opportunity to rally more support for the causes.